Thursday, March 2, 2006

Shirahama Onsen

Last October we went to Shirahama right when everyone else was ending a 3-day weekend. This turned out well because we were practically the only ones there. It was rainy on the trip out but eventually it was just cloudy with some sun once in a while. There were several public baths to try. All of them were spread out on a hillside connected here and there with bridges and lit up with lanterns. We even had our own bath. I am not quick to believe much but this time I found that bathing in onsen water is good for your skin. After eating a huge dinner we walked around trying to locate and collect stamps for our map. Once we finished that we could get a kind of lottery ticket. We won a coupon that we used to get some more beer.

I always like to see the ocean but the white sand made it really impressive. Shirahama is also known for their ume (plums, or technically Japanese apricots). Before heading home we grabbed an ume flavored ice cream cone which was delicious. There was a problem with the local train so we just took the express train. I hope someday we can make a return visit.

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