Tuesday, March 14, 2006

otaku fufu (nerdy couple)

One of my friends calls us the "otaku fufu." Sometimes I disagree with this but this Monday, on our sixth anniversary, it was impossible to deny. Last year we rode through Kyoto on a rickshaw. The year before that we stayed at the Hilton. The year before that we bought matching watches and ate Italian. This year we went to see the third installment of Zeta Gundam.

Recently we don't have much time and we already saw the first two movies. Might as well finish what we started. You also have to consider the soundtrack by Gackt and my favorite character, Char. How can you pass up a movie with the title "Love is the Pulse of the Stars?" Even so, I don't think that 50 TV episodes fit nicely into 3 movies. I felt like the characters got distorted. It ended just like a Bond movie. Where was the seriousness? Anyway, I had a good time. I even got to see a trailer for Chakushin ari Final.

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