Wednesday, July 15, 2009

going bananas at Tomato

This Tuesday I visited Nippori Textile Town for the first time. There are 91 shops in the area but I went straight to Tomato's main store. Although I didn't find anything in the 100 yen per meter section I still saved some money. The selection was amazing and it was good to see so much Japanese made fabric. My husband was helpful but I think I've created a monster or at least a fellow fabric piggy. I now have more shirts to sew. Here's the break down of our fabric haul:

(Cotton, texture will wash out. 1st floor) My husband found this at the bottom of a shelf. I think I'll sew a dress out of this. I'm starting to think a shirt dress might be cute?

(Cotton and linen. 1st floor) I don't know what I should make with this fabric. All I know is I love Russian dolls. Maybe I should sew something kitchen related? An apron?

(Cotton. 1st floor) This will be a dress or maybe a tunic?

(Cotton with polyester. 4th floor) This fabric is actually quite black and the design is shiny. A blouse or a dress?

(Cotton. 4th floor) Hubby shirt fabric. I anticipate going a little cross eyed when I sew on the pocket.

(Cotton. 4th floor) Hubby shirt fabric. We completely splurged on this one but I know it will be worth it.

(Canvas) This is from a store near Tomato. Hubby bag material.

We also picked up some shirt buttons at the Tomato notion store. Where I live it's difficult to find nice buttons for men's clothing so I figured we might as well take care of everything at once.

So, I have to say that Nippori is as great as everyone says it is and if you get the chance you should go.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tokyo I'm on my way ...

Going on a short trip to Tokyo. I get to visit a friend, check out fabric at Tomato, and see a 18 meter robot.

Friday, July 10, 2009

back to the "internets!" (again)

It sure can be difficult to consistently add entries.

This time I got hooked on watching Monster. I recommend it if you like crime suspense stories and/or medical dramas. It was nice to watch a serious animated story that didn't involve space or robots. I enjoy sci-fi but sometimes it's good to see something different. Anyway I thought there were about 20-30 episodes but turns out there are actually 74.

I still managed to get some sewing finished. Here's a preview:

Short-sleeved version of BurdaStyle's Jakob shirt in a crazy plum blossom print.