Friday, July 10, 2009

back to the "internets!" (again)

It sure can be difficult to consistently add entries.

This time I got hooked on watching Monster. I recommend it if you like crime suspense stories and/or medical dramas. It was nice to watch a serious animated story that didn't involve space or robots. I enjoy sci-fi but sometimes it's good to see something different. Anyway I thought there were about 20-30 episodes but turns out there are actually 74.

I still managed to get some sewing finished. Here's a preview:

Short-sleeved version of BurdaStyle's Jakob shirt in a crazy plum blossom print.


lunatepetal said...

nice shirt :)

Karencilla said...

welcome back!

Akazukin said...

Thanks you guys! ☆⌒(*^-°)v