Wednesday, July 15, 2009

going bananas at Tomato

This Tuesday I visited Nippori Textile Town for the first time. There are 91 shops in the area but I went straight to Tomato's main store. Although I didn't find anything in the 100 yen per meter section I still saved some money. The selection was amazing and it was good to see so much Japanese made fabric. My husband was helpful but I think I've created a monster or at least a fellow fabric piggy. I now have more shirts to sew. Here's the break down of our fabric haul:

(Cotton, texture will wash out. 1st floor) My husband found this at the bottom of a shelf. I think I'll sew a dress out of this. I'm starting to think a shirt dress might be cute?

(Cotton and linen. 1st floor) I don't know what I should make with this fabric. All I know is I love Russian dolls. Maybe I should sew something kitchen related? An apron?

(Cotton. 1st floor) This will be a dress or maybe a tunic?

(Cotton with polyester. 4th floor) This fabric is actually quite black and the design is shiny. A blouse or a dress?

(Cotton. 4th floor) Hubby shirt fabric. I anticipate going a little cross eyed when I sew on the pocket.

(Cotton. 4th floor) Hubby shirt fabric. We completely splurged on this one but I know it will be worth it.

(Canvas) This is from a store near Tomato. Hubby bag material.

We also picked up some shirt buttons at the Tomato notion store. Where I live it's difficult to find nice buttons for men's clothing so I figured we might as well take care of everything at once.

So, I have to say that Nippori is as great as everyone says it is and if you get the chance you should go.


Karencilla said...

okay... so do you think i would fit in a Fedex Box to be there in Nippori?

Akazukin said...

Hee-hee, you would fit but I don't think it would be such a comfortable trip. Maybe all sewers should start a Nippori savings account?

lunatepetal said...

looks like a pretty successful trip to Nippori! love the black + flower fabric :)

I miss some great Japanese fabric we just can't get here...

EmilyKate said...

Oooooh, lovely lovely selection! I especially like the Russian Doll print!
I kick myself for never visiting Nippori when we were in Japan... I DID go to Tokyu Hands though, which blew my mind- do you ever go there?

Akazukin said...

Lunatepetel- It does go both ways. ;-)I miss 99 cent pattern sales and super wide fabric.

EmilyKate- Well, it took me a decade to get to Nippori, but now I know. Sometimes I buy Australian tea tree oil from Tokyu Hands.(v^ー°)

chie said...

so cool! i love tomato! it is a great shop for fabric and i can't wait to go back there..

Eli Estela said...

wow! how so many wonderful fabrics!! i'd kill for a trip to that place! i think you shoud sew a pretty and simple skirt with wide waist using the russian dolls fabric... that would be fun!

Akazukin said...

Eli Estela- Thanks for finding my blog. When you put it that way (re: Russian doll fabric) a skirt seems possible. I'll keep it in mind. :-)