Friday, November 14, 2008

pikachu christmas?!

In Japan they eat Christmas cake. Personally I found this tradition about the easiest to adjust to. I thought it was slightly different for about a whole second and now every year I try to bake my own. It is easy to get inspired by the various cake catalogs found in department stores, bakeries, and convenience stores. Almost always there is a French log cake and of course a sponge cake with strawberries but this year I found a Pikachu cake.

Wow! This isn't some sheet cake with some decorations. It's his head! Nothing says Christmas like Pikachu's head on a platter. Did I mention the inside is Japanese style pudding surrounded by cream? For 3,500 yen it's yours to take home and assemble with your parents.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Since I can't stand eggs I find these instant noodles absolutely horrifying. However I must say I'm impressed with the amount of egg put into them. Look at the mini fried eggs.