Friday, February 24, 2006

Let's Cooking!

Can you imagine having slices of ham for ears? How about rolled up bacon? We won't even get into the sausages. Then there's the new character that just came out. She has meatballs. Before you think this is just a typical post about those zany things Japanese people do, hear me out.

On a shopping trip you can hear a cacophony of food commercials pouring out of small stereos placed strategically throughout the store. One for fish here, one for mushrooms over there. The one for fish I disliked enough to forget and I actually like the mushroom song. Then I heard the one for an array of pork products. It has some rhythm and the voices are high enough to create that musical itch. It plays on and on in a loop. It's so annoying it's cute. So cute it's annoying. OK, OK, I'll buy some bacon! It burns! Make it stop! I've tried many things to get it out of my head. (The power of Christ compels you!) Eventually I ended up searching for it on the Internet. Guess what? There is also an exercise routine to go along with it. Check it out for yourself. I am going to go buy some bacon.

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