Wednesday, February 22, 2006

hungry monkeys eat bananas

Last night we went to Gyu-kaku. One of those places where they give you a plate of meat and you grill it yourself. For dessert Jun tried the "yaki banana". "Yaki" means that it is supposed to be grilled because otherwise it would just be a wannabe banana split. Well I thought that it was grilled but apparently it wasn't grilled enough for Jun and he asked the waiter if they had forgotten to grill it.

Reminds me of this mini game on PSP. You have to cook up things for monkeys like banana soup and yes, "yaki banana". Only their orders, which are in Japanese, start fading away. More and more monkeys arrive and they demand more and more bananas. Then you start mixing up the orders and start serving the wrong banana dishes. The monkeys start screeching and leave and before you know it the game is over.

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