Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm it.

I've been tagged by Karencilla.

Seven random things about myself:

1. When I was small I carried around a stuffed Santa Claus. It wasn't jointed and looked more like a pillow. My parents visited a winery and Santa got a wine stain on his head. Supposedly he got smudged by a wine barrel.

2. There was a short time when people thought my younger brother and I were twins. Now strangers think he's my older brother. (Grrrrr ...)

3. Until recently I thought everyone used a ruler in the kitchen.

4. Don't ever leave me alone with your stuff unless you want it organized by color, number, letter, size, shape, etc.

5. Pink isn't my favorite color but I own a lot of pink things. Pink pashmina, pink phone, pink PSP, pink pajamas ...

6. Three Continents and Rebecca are two of my favorite books.

7. Even though I like cinnamon I am terribly allergic to it.

I'm tagging:
One Tree
The Gilded Bee
Sew Be Do

I'm still relatively new to Blogger so my list is on the short side. If you want to be added to my list let me know.

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Karencilla said...

hahaha a Santa?? that´s funny. When we are little the world has no boundaries no limits no rules, right?
And by the way i wish i could be that organized! Can i leave you my room??

Akazukin said...

Yeah, adults shouldn't be so close-minded.

Ooh, I bet you have a lot of fun craft and sewing items to organize!

Karencilla said...

yes, well... a lot of clothes, books, drafts, magazines. there is a mix of everything!