Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ミシンで着物 (Making kimono with a sewing machine.)

Last year I purchased this book. I didn't think too much about it, as soon as I saw the pink fabric with the rabbits it was over. The kimonos themselves are made of non-traditional fabrics and styled in an interesting way. Some of my favorites:

I have to admit there are a couple that are too crazy. There's one that reminds me of the plaid flannel robe my brother once had. I could never walk down the street in something that looks like pajamas. However the rest of the book more than makes up for those few.

The book also includes a paper pattern, step by step sewing instructions with color pictures, ideas for accessories, information about what to wear underneath your kimono, and an illustrated guide for putting on the kimono.

# ISBN-10: 4766119010
# ISBN-13: 978-4766119015


Emily-Claire said...

These are beautiful! Thank you for such a lovely post. ^_^

Akazukin said...

Emily-Claire- You're welcome, thanks for stopping by.

Fully Saiia said...

Woow kimono ^_^ I want to wear kimono dress coz it so beautiful...

umm I want to go to Japan^_^ Japan is a beautiful place

RheLynn said...

I really like the last picture, elegant and she looks very happy :)